Even having the most attractive e-commerce website doesn’t mean that your visitors will actually purchase from your site.

Figuring out how to generate traffic to your site is the first part (so well done), now you need to turn them from ‘just browsing’ into paying customers that will keep coming back.

Have you noticed that you get a lot of visitors to your site that browse around, might add a few items to their cart, but then leave without making a purchase?

Here are a few tips that will help a leaky sales funnel:

Great User Experience
Make sure your website is mobile responsive, so that they can easily shop on a smartphone and tablet as well as desktop or laptop. Make sure that the shopping experience is as enjoyable as possible by making sure that products are sorted in a logical way.


Offer a Wishlist
This is a special function that allows shoppers to add items to their wishlist, which looks like the shopping cart, but doesn’t make them feel any pressure to go ahead and purchase. You can make it so that the wishlist can be emailed or shared on social media, and also that when the customer comes back to the website, their wishlist is automatically remembered for them.

wishlist saved items asos

Recommend Products
You can easily add recommended and popular products functionality to your site. This usually shows up at the bottom of a product page and encourages the shopper to keep browsing.

recommend products

Build Customer Confidence and Trust
Your website is well designed and easy to browse; now cement their confidence in your products and services with descriptive product descriptions, high quality images of your products and shipping and terms and conditions information easily accessible. Also, for e-commerce sites that accept payments online through any channel, you’ll need to have a SSL certificate to certify your customers security when entering their personal payment information.

great images and description asos

If a customer browses your site, maybe adds an item or two to their cart then leaves, make sure you can follow-up this warm lead, and before it turns cold. One way is with re-marketing through Google AdWords. This gives you the ability to track users with cookies and place targeted ads on other websites within Google’s Display network that they browse, keeping your brand top of mind. There are lots of re-marketing tools around that you can reach your leads on including Facebook.


Don’t Make Leads Wait
Offer a customer support phone number or online chat option so that if customers have questions they can get them answered quickly and easily. If a lead has filled in an online contact form or sent an email, make sure that they’re followed up as soon as possible. This person is obviously interested in a particular product, so by contacting them immediately you’re improving your chances of making a sale while they’re still interested.


Email/Newsletter Subscriptions
By installing an RSS email address subscription option, not only are you growing your customer database, but have the opportunity to reach your leads and customers at home. By offering a free download or online contact form that requires their email to be entered, you can send them special offers, new products, customer reviews, solutions to their problem and the list is almost endless. This (non-pushy) communication can be the trigger they need to return and make a purchase.

The above list is by no means extensive, but provides a small snapshot of the things that you can easily do to turn your leads into sales.

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