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WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform – and for a good reason! WooCommerce powers over millions of websites across the world. It’s highly customisable, robust and easy to setup and get going! WooCommerce works seamlessly with WordPress and gives you total control over your website.

Like what you see? There’s plenty of options for you to choose from the menu! We’re Brisbane based WooCommerce experts, and we love working with new and established businesses who are looking to enrich their eCommerce website to build their online presence and promote their brand. Want to take a bite and see for yourself? Read on or call us directly on 1300 660 160.

why woocommerce?

WooCommerce can easily help businesses start with eCommerce and offers greater flexibility for larger businesses. There’s plenty of reasons to go with WooCommerce and here’s just some of them:

  • Cost effective – no ongoing subscription costs and plenty of cost-effective plugins to power up your site.
  • Flexible – Supports all different types of eCommerce from physical products to subscription services.
  • Easy to use – Simple, understandable user interface. WooCommerce is designed and built with usability in mind right from the very beginning.
  • Well supported – Easily integrate third-party CRMs, shipping and fulfilment, payment gateways and much more!
  • SEO out of the box – Built with speed and performance to unleash your website’s true potential.

When you choose WooCommerce, you will enjoy the deliciousness of freedom, flexibility and fun associated with using a truly open experience ecommerce platform!


Advanced ICE

Advanced ICE is a long time client of ours and they wanted to refresh and revamp their website to enhance their ecommerce store.

Our solution was to give them a unique custom theme design that suited their branding and also provided custom functionality specific to their needs.
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so that’s woocommerce. why burger digital?

Well for starters, we 100% believe in WooCommerce as a fantastic solution for retailers who want to expand and build appealing online stores. As a result, we’re deeply committed to the end result.

But beyond that enduring commitment to your happiness and to creating a stunning product, we also bring our design and flair to every new build we offer.

We provide what you want, what you dream of. We spend time getting to know what you want, what your users want, and then we custom-build a store that we truly believe is going to offer the most compelling and exciting user experience.

Every WooCommerce development we create is built around a foundation of what is functional, and what is going to place you in the best possible position for more sales, more growth and more opportunity.

For the juiciest and most appealing WooCommerce sites in Brisbane and across Australia you can rely on Burger Digital. We’re are here to stay to deliver up a delicious serving of WooCommerce goodness.


  • Do I have total control over my website?

    Yes you totally do! We specialise in custom theme and website development to suit every customer’s needs.

    We believe that having a custom solution rather than a cut and paste job is more beneficial to the business and will give you something unique to be proud of!

  • How many products can I sell on WooCommerce?

    You can sell and list as many products as you like on your site. WooCommere is highly flexible and scalable and can handle almost everything you throw at it.

    Most WooCommerce sites will run smoothly on shared hosting however once you reach around 20,000 products and are receiving over 100s of orders a day, we would recommend getting a dedicated server for the best performance possible.

  • What can I save with building on WooCommerce?

    The easiest way to save money on your WooCommerce solution is to look at getting a custom theme. This way, you will not have to worry about out of date plugins or subscription costs from plugins that third-party themes usually bundle together.

    However if you really are digging for those pennies, then there are plenty of well-built easy to use third-party themes available for you to choose from.

    You can either choose to use the theme exactly as it appears out of the box, or we can spend some time tweaking the design to make it your own.

  • Are there any hidden fees or ongoing costs?

    There are no hidden or additional fees payable for WooCommerce out of the box. However, some plugins that you may require on your site do provide “premium versions” or subscriptions to use their services.

    We will tell you if you will require such plugins for your site so you won’t be surprised!

  • Can you integrate with our backend system?

    WooCommerce is highly customisable and widely supported. Whether it be your CRM, shipping company, payment provider or anything else you use, most of the time they will already have support for WooCommerce. All you need to do is install, setup and run! Simple as that

    We have worked with customers to integrate MailChimp, AfterPay, Australia Post to their website just to name a few.

are you ready to upgrade your website with woocommerce?

We want to make you the best website you can possibly get your hands on. Come on, let’s grab a burger!