Take a bite of Shopify for ecommerce

Since its inception in 2004, Shopify has had a meteoric rise. Today, over 4,400,000 retailers worldwide use the Shopify platform to sell their goods and products to consumers across the planet. Shopify is wildly popular, and we think this is because it’s easy to use and really user friendly. In addition to a host of design features, Shopify gives you the power to partner with various services to handle payments, shipping, marketing, 3PL, various CRM and ERP systems plus more!

Sound tasty? It is. We’re Brisbane based Shopify experts, and we love working with new and emerging businesses who are looking to leverage this stunning platform to build their audience and their brand. Want to find out more? Read on or call us directly on 1300 660 160.

shopify development

we have worked on hundreds of Shopify solutions in Brisbane

  • we have the experience

    We are one of the most experienced Shopify developers in Brisbane. We have been working on Shopify as a platform for years. We are even listed as a Shopify Expert.

    We understand the importance of making sure the solution we build is strongly aligned to the eCommerce capabilities your business needs. Whether that is wholesale, inventory, shipping or variant management capabilities. We have done it all.

  • we specialise in Shopify development

    We’ve got extensive experience with custom Shopify solutions. This has allowed us to create customised business processes and workflow aligned to the Shopify model of development.

  • we work closely with Shopify

    We regularly attend local Shopify and eCommerce events as well as the Global Shopify Conference “Unite” in Toronto, Canada. We regularly catch up with the Asia Pacific Shopify team, and work on how we can better service Shopify customers.

  • we see great results when moving to Shopify

    Working with some of our Shopify customers, we have seen some really create outcomes:

    Lower development costs: Shopify allows for business owners and marketing mangers to take control of their platform – and stay focused on selling and marketing.

    Increased uptime: Shopify is a hosted software solution. The worst thing in the world for a merchant is for your eCommerce store to be broken, and to have no idea when you developer will have the website back and ready to go.

    Improved conversion: We build in a range of best practices that improve conversion. Of particular interest is mobile performance, as a significant number of existing eCommerce solution have poorly considered mobile solutions.


  • shopify is an exceptionally easy system to use!

    Unlike Magento or WooCommerce, the Shopify system is exceptionally easy to use for those who aren’t very tech-savvy. Shopify continued work with custom themes and “sections everywhere”  has only made this easier. If you want to add a capability to your website, there are also tens of thousands of plugins that can allow you to do so.


Black Rock Music

Black Rock Music came to us wanting to expand their online product offerings. We recommend Shopify as the go to platform to easily get their eCommerce store started.

Our custom designed online store gave them everything they needed to get started. Black Rock Music continues to share their passion of music through their new website.
View website

why shopify?

Still not sure if Shopify is for you? That’s ok – we’re about to go through a few more reasons why it’s just so great for local and international retailers such as yourself:

  •  You have access to a fully hosted, unlimited solution for your store
  •  It’s likely you can integrate your existing systems; Shopify allows for integration with thousands of inventory, marketing, and accounting systems
  •  You’ll get round the clock support every day of the year
  •  You can integrate your Shopify store with Google Analytics and Facebook
  •  Adding products and editing information is so simple

When you choose Shopify, you will enjoy the feeling of freedom associated with using a product that is truly intuitive and user-focused. Mmm, delicious.

so that’s shopify. why burger digital?

Well for starters, we 100% believe in Shopify as a fantastic solution for retailers who want to build incredible online stores. As a result, we’re deeply committed to the end result.

But beyond that enduring commitment to your happiness and to creating a stunning product, we also bring our design and flair to every new build we offer.

We don’t template. Ever. We’re designers, we’re creatives, we’re artists. We spend the time getting to know what you want, what your users want, and then we custom-build a store that we truly believe is going to offer the most compelling and exciting user experience.

Every Shopify development we create is built around a foundation of what is functional, and what is going to place you in the best possible position for more sales, more growth and more opportunity.

For the juiciest and most appealing Shopify sites in Brisbane and across Australia you can rely on Burger Digital. We’re the Shopify development experts in Brisbane and we are here to deliver up a delicious serving of Shopify goodness.

choose Burger Digital for your sizzling Shopify store

We’re based in Brisbane but have dished up tasty Shopify stores to happy clients across Australia. We are here to support your business as you take this step towards offering greater value to your clients and customers and are excited to be part of this new stage in your business.

We’re specialists in our fields

The Burger Digital team is a group of hard-working professionals who are all experts in their field. From our developers, through to designers, through to project managers. We’re all committed, and we’re all passionate.

We offer more value

Plenty of our customers are small businesses who have big dreams. But while your dreams might be big, we know your spend might not be quite at the same level. That’s cool. We are open to negotiation and will only ever give you what you need.

Talk to our local team

You don’t need to jump through hoops to speak to the person making your Shopify site – you can call them directly. We’re all right here in Australia, ready to give you a hand!



  • Are you a Shopify Expert?

    Yes, we are a Shopify expert.

    We specialise in only working with Shopify, it is our eCommerce platform of choice. We believe that specialising in Shopify as a platform makes us a much more effective developer.

    We have seen all types of clients and eCommerce problems from store migration, to backend integration, to custom store additional. We have the experience to make your website happen.

  • How can I save money on building my store?

    The easiest way to save money on your eCommerce solution is to look at getting a custom theme.

    Your best bet is to head on over to the Shopify Theme Store, and see if you can find something that could be suitable for your business.

    You can either choose to use the theme exactly as it appears out of the box, or we can spend some time tweaking the design to make it your own.

  • Why is Shopify a good option for me?

    Shopify is a good solution because

    1. It allows you to focus on what is important – which is your brand, your marketing, and selling.
    2. Shopify is a very widely supported eCommerce. There are a range of web agencies that are able to help you if needed.
    3. If you have ever had a website that you paid hosting, you will know the stress of your website being down. Shopify takes that worry away with a leading global cloud network that will make sure your website is always live.
    4. There are extensive plugins and integrations that exist within the Shopify Marketplace that can be quickly and easily installed on your website.
  • What version of Shopify do I need?

    There is a range of different Shopify pricing levels from Shopify basic to Shopify Plus.

    For most SME’s, Shopify Plus may not the best solution unless you are selling in multiple international territories, are turning over in excess of $2m annually online, or require custom work to your checkout process.

    We recommend that most customers go with either the Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify packages. If you are starting out, Basic Shopify is likely to be ideal, whereas Shopify or Advanced Shopify is suitable for a more advanced merchant.

  • Can you integrate with our backend system?

    More than 50% of our Shopify projects integrate with some kind of back-end system. Just tell us what your back-end system is and we can talk about what experience we have had.

    We have worked with systems including Cin7Trade Gecko, Retail Express, Netsuite, SAP and many others.

is shopify the digital solution you've been looking for?

We want to make Shopify work for you and your eCommerce store. Let’s grab a burger!