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We don’t need to tell you this: First impressions are important. Vital, even. When a new
prospect visits your website you need to show them in a split second exactly what you’re all
about and why they should be working with you. If your website isn’t branded in a way that
shows off what you do and how you do it, or if the message is confusing, then people aren’t
going to be overly enthusiastic about taking the time to learn about what you do.

How to make a bad first impression

In no particular order, here are the elements of a bad first impression:

  • Slow website
  • Dissonant colours
  • Popups that aren’t purposeful
  • Large blocks of content without any real structure
  • Unhelpful and unintuitive navigation
  • Music that plays automatically

Even if you don’t have all of these, even one jarring thing can make a big impact on your
visitors. Now, we’re not saying you should aim to please all the people all the time; you only
need to please the visitors who make up your target audience.

Want to know how to reel them in? We’ve got four delicious tips right here to get you started.

Tip 1 – Show off straight away

You really only have a matter of seconds to make a great first impression, so why not
consider leveraging video content as a way to show off what you do and how you do it?

This tactic works really well if you have a unique selling point or if your product requires a
demonstration to show its effectiveness. Visitors to websites often have to work out how to
digest the new information in front of them, but with a video, you can showcase what you do
in an easy-to-digest way. A video only has to be a minute long – but it can be a really
engaging and simple way to keep people on your page and to get them clicking for more.

And when people stay on your page for longer, it ensures your bounce rate is lower which in
turn is great for your SEO and page ranking online. Win-win!


Tip 2- Show people why they need you

Your visitors need to see exactly why they need you in a very short amount of time. Make
sure your business value proposition is front and centre on your website. If you’re a florist
who sells discount flowers direct from the markets, then shout this out with a line like “Fresh
flowers at industry discount prices” right where people see it. That way when people visit
your page, they’ll see what you do and how you can help them.


Tip 3 – Think about the user experience

When you are designing your website, think about how your users are going to want to
engage with your site. Is it natural for your visitors to want to scroll to get the most from your

Thanks to current web design trends it’s natural for visitors to want to scroll on a website, so
ensure you have considered responsive and flowing design. Plus, if you give your visitors a
reason to want to stay on your site, it’s great for your bounce rate and gives you the
opportunity to direct your user experience a little more. Also, consider colours and styling
when designing your website or engage with a company like us and let us ensure that your
user experience is nothing short of spectacular.

Tip 4 – use colour to direct attention

Colour is one of the most important parts of your new website. Whether you are thinking
about how to design a header or to use colour for your accents, make sure you consider the
psychology of your users and what kind of colours are the most impactful. Red and orange
are great colours for Calls to Action, while blue and green are great colours for backgrounds
and logos. At Burger Digital we have a great deal of experience in working with businesses
and in designing sites that speak to the heart of their brand while at the same time engaging
their users. If you’re stuck wondering what colours and style to use with your website, let us
take care of it for you.

Ultimately, you want to make your website about your users and talk about how you can add
value to their business. Users just want to see how you can help them make more sales, get
more customers or whatever their core need is. If your business meets their expectations
(seen through your website) then it’s likely they will want to work with you.


Are you looking for a quality website from a local business who understands how to
make an impact? We offer exceptional value for businesses seeking websites, so get
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