If you have been around the digital marketing world in any way, it’s likely you have heard the
term ‘branding’. Branding refers to things like your logo, visuals, colours, and how you
appear to the world. Branding can best be defined as:

The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and
differentiates your product from other products. Branding ensures consistency across
your website and social media. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in
increasingly competitive markets.

Let’s use an example here. Say you are a florist and you are looking to start your own
business. The elements of branding that you will be interested in creating include:

  • A logo
  • A tagline for your business (something like – “Brisbane’s freshest flowers every day of
    the week”)
  • A website
  • Social media guidelines
  • Brand colour palettes
  • Style guides for consistent language and imagery, including logo positioning

Of course, you can start a business without any of these elements in place – it just means
that you may have trouble being consistent with how your business appears online and in
print. And one of the biggest reasons why businesses engage with branding is because
consistency is comforting, and comfort creates a positive interaction with customers and

What does branding do for your business?

Our florist from the example creates a logo, a tagline, some social media guidelines which
dictate what colours and shades to post, and then brings those elements to us at Burger Digital where we create a beautiful website incorporating these colours and this style. With these elements in place, you will see benefits for your business.

Branding increases recognition

When you have a strong brand (think: Apple, Coke, Nike) you have instant recognition in an increasingly-crowded marketing space. A strong brand can be something as simple as an
attractive logo with some powerful colours used consistently. When you have a strong brand, people will seek you out as their preferred product or supplier of goods; think about things like Nudie Juices, or Anytime Fitness clubs – these are brands, and while at their core they are food and beverage providers or fitness clubs, they’re known as their brand because of
the feeling they evoke in customers.

Branding creates greater trust

Remember how we mentioned consistency before? A strong brand is consistent, and by
being consistent, you will build and engender greater trust and confidence with your
customers and users. Plus, when you take the time to create branding guidelines and
establish a recognisable brand, you’ll find it easier to be consistent.
Branding builds financial value
A strong brand with consistent assets across your website, newsletter, brochures, business
cards and blogs means that people will be able to differentiate you from your competitors.
This will drive people to choose your business over others with weaker brands and will help
you to take more market share.

Branding creates culture

A strong brand creates a culture within your workplace that allows people to hang their hat
on something — your team can say “Oh yes, I work for X brand” and know that people will
know what that is. A strong culture has the power to reduce attrition and can play a role in
your recruiting process as well. It’s vital that your culture be a reflection of your brand, and
can even work alongside your visual branding to provide greater customer experiences.

Why you need branding

Put very simply, branding sells.

If you do not have a strong brand, you will miss out on opportunities to create a strong
memory with your customers and users. Branding is vital for being memorable, and of
course, there are the other benefits outlined above. Can you really afford to enter the
business market without a strong brand in place?

How we can help you

At Burger Digital we are known for our stunning websites and our delicious designs. We
have created websites that speak to the heart of brands for companies across Australia.
We help you by:

  • Designing, developing, and delivering a stunning website where your final
    approval is sought at every stage — so you’re 100% happy
  • Working with you to develop a brand colour palette that represents what you’re
    all about
  • Being consistently awesome at what we do so your life is easy – you know that
    when we say we’ll deliver, we get the job done

Bottom line is, we make beautiful branded websites and we’d love to make one for you.
Want to know more? Get in touch with us online or call us now for a chat (we’ll shout the
burgers) on 1300 029 916.