You may be thinking about starting a business blog. The idea of it is easy enough: post lots of informative content that appeals to your target market, is practical and beneficial to the reader, and will help you establish credibility with your customer base and become an authority in your industry. Simple!

Alright, perhaps not so simple. But the effort pays off! When it’s done right, your blog will become a guaranteed asset to your business. It can generate new leads, improve conversion rates and maximise the opportunities to sell your products or services to potential customers. But the success of a blog also largely depends on viewership. For a business blog to be successful, you must keep that viewership growing.



Now, they say content is King, but what is a king without followers? Content on your blog has no value until it is found and appreciated by someone, so exposure is imperative. Just as you would do with your product or service, you must create exposure for your blog; you must drive its distribution amongst readers and you MUST promote it.

Facebook is one of the many social media platforms that allow you to increase the reach of your content. You’re probably well aware of this notion already. If you have not created a Facebook Business Page, but at some point thought to yourself, “It does seem like a good idea…” Well, you’re completely right. It is a great idea, so now is the time to get moving!

Promoting on Facebook will not only bring traffic to your website, but it is completely FREE. After creating content for your blog, posting links on the Facebook Business Page will allow you greater access to your target market and allows people to easily ‘Share’ it with their friends and family. But remember, this is only an effective measure if you create high-quality content that will inspire people to spread the word.

To get started, you will need:

– A Facebook Business Page with access to create and moderate content

– A blog section on your business website. Each post should have its own page

– Have at least one picture on each blog post


Step-by-Step Process to Promote a Blog Post on Facebook

We will use the blog post below as an example of promoting a post using Facebook. Notice this image has a nice, large image, which will resonate much better with readers than simple block of text. Images are always a good addition to any blog post!

Step 1: Create a Blog Post

google blog


Step 2: Select the Facebook Business Page you would like to promote with

step 2


Step 3: Click on the Status Box

step 3


Step 4: Paste the Blog Post URL in the status box. This will load in the blog image and details

step 4


Step 5: Feel free to remove the URL and write your own intro to the post

step 5


Your post promotion is now ready to go

step 6


The post will now appear on you Facebook Business Page wall, as well as in the feed of anyone who has ‘Liked’ your page. If they appreciate the link, they will click through to your blog. They may also share the link to their friends and family, and so on, known as ‘going viral’. As more people read your blog posts, it will raise your brand and product awareness amongst your target market. This can lead to readers browsing through your site, which can ultimately result in increased conversions.

If your blog post does go viral, it will not stop at Facebook. Your link to your blog post will be spread through alternative social media channels, forums, and referenced in other blogs.
So there you have it: there are many advantages to using Facebook as a promotional platform for your blog/website content. If you haven’t yet jumped on this bandwagon, we encourage you to do so now, because it is simple, effective, and it is FREE!