Here at Burger Digital, our name is not something we take lightly. And today we decided to take the ‘burger’ in our name one step further and bring you our wrap up of the ten best burgers in Brisbane as we see them.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

You may, of course, have your very own very valid opinions on these and to that we say, show us your favourites. When we’re not chewing our way through the very best burgers that Brisbane has to offer, you’ll find us in our Brisbane office, whipping up some delicious websites and digital offerings. Want to know more? Pick your favourite burger from the list and join us for a catch-up.

1.  Ze Pickle

Ze Pickle is an institution in the burger world of Brisbane. They are home to some of the most Instagrammable (not to mention delicious) burgers you’re likely to wrap two hands around. Our favourite is Ya Mum. No, not like that, silly – the Ya Mum burger which has wagyu beef patty, ze fries and jack cheeze and truffle butter. Of course, there’s also the Pablo Escoburger which has all the trimmings plus corn chips. Yikes. Delicious.

2.  Super Combo

This burg’ joint takes up pride of place on King Street in Bowen Hills and is an homage and big ol’ nod to all things 80s video games – specifically, Street Fighter. You can battle your way through a whole range of burgers, from Round 1 through to the Spinning Piledriver. Make sure you leave room for some sidekicks (fries, slaw, wings etc) and if you’re stuck for choice we recommend the Electric Thunder which has chimichurri and kewpie mayo on top of a beef patty and American cheese combo.

3.  Getta Burger

Fair warning: When you visit Getta Burger we recommend that you don’t eat a great deal during the rest of your day. And whatever you do, don’t try to finish a whole loaded fries AND your burger on your own – you’ll be left with big regrets. We love everything on the menu at Getta Burger – it’s like they have a ‘too much’ gene and are just going with it. We’re on board. Visit with some friends, visit on your own, just go to Getta Burger and, well… you know, get one.

4.  Lucky Egg

The fine people at Lucky Egg have taken all the goodness of a chicken burger and kicked things up a notch or ten. Their burgers are fantastic, whether you like fried chicken on your burger or are more into a tempura fried eggplant steak. They have a beef burger coming soon but also sell wings doused in Frank’s Hot Sauce in case you don’t have enough on your plate already.

5.  Miel Container

This uber cute burger joint is tucked down Albert Street in the city (close enough to our office to be dangerous!) and is almost always busy. If you’re lucky enough to snare a table, do so, otherwise grab your burger to go and bite into your delicious self-made creation. That’s right, the folk at Miel let you design your own meal. Choose your bun, select between beef, chicken, fish or veggie burger, and then add your veggies, cheese and any additional toppings. The end result is a burger exactly as you wanted it.

6.  Fritzenberger

Mmm Fritzenburger. If you’re heading to a game at Suncorp, if you’re out on the town on Caxton Street or if you just want a delectable burger and some fries with Twistie salt, then Fritzenburger is your first and last stop. Grab a spot by the window for prime people- watching position.

7.  Miss Kay’s

Miss Kay’s are formidable burger slingers, and they have been around for longer than many of the new burger joints popping up left right and centre. You can play it safe and plump for the Cheeseburger or go out on a limb with the Mac Daddy – although if you do get the Mac Daddy, we feel we have to warn you; you may not be able to move from your seat for a while.

8.  Red Hook

This spot smacks of New York City cool – if only for the location and the menu offerings. Tucked away down a side street in the City you’re best placed to come here for a cheeky post-work burg and some fries – but they also do drinks so why not have a beer as well? The Grandmaster Flash is a truly amazing burger, but the Resolution Breaker is where the fun really starts – with double beef and double bacon you’ll be forgiven for getting the meat sweats. Make sure you try their mac n cheese squares, they’re to die for.

9.  Burger Project

Neil Perry’s Burger Project in Brisbane is home to some extraordinarily amazing burgers – and with such a big ol’ menu you may find it hard to choose at first. But persevere, and you’ll find the favourite burger for you. It might be the Bacon Project, or it might be the Magic Deluxe; whatever it is, make sure you pair it with a delicious drink (maybe a cider or a beer) and kick back to relax in the surrounds.

10.  Chur Burger

Oooh, Chur Burger, you get us every time. This menu is big, and the burgers are even bigger. Try the Shredded Swine with pulled pork and BBQ sauce, or go for the Biggie Smalls with beef, cheese, pickles and Chur sauce. Sides include mac and cheese, beef chilli loaded fries and a whole lot more. Wear your stretchy pants.

Did we whet your appetite for something delicious? How about meeting us for a burger and a chat about what you have in mind for your new website or business assets? We are in Brisbane city and would love to hear how we can be part of your new project. Call us on 1300 029 916 or contact us online.