The world’s most intelligent PHP integrated development environment was updated to version 9 on July 8th. Crazy to think that it was only 5 years ago that PhpStorm was first developed.

What’s new in PhpStorm 9?

With PhpStorm 9 you can code faster with the refined code editor and debugger. PhpStorm’s intelligent core also enhances deeper code understanding, with complete advanced productivity boosts. This new version of PhpStorm also integrates complete support for development on remote servers.

PHP Language & Editing Experience

Advanced Code Understanding

All PHP-related subsystems have been updated in this version. Some features and improvements include:

  • parameter refactoring introduced
  • advanced PHP type interface
  • persistent language injections are supported
  • many new inspections and intentions
Postfix code completion

Postfix code completion helps improve the flow of your coding by letting you transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix added. You can simply apply the expression by pressing Tab on your keyboard. This will definitely help increase your productivity!

Partial PHP7 support

PHP is nearing version 7 and so the PhpStorm team have introduced partial support for PHP 7 into PhpStorm 9. More support to follow soon when PHP 7 is finalised.

Other PHP-related enhancements
  • Structure view for PHP has been improved
  • You can now surround HTML in PHP tags within PHP files
  • Colour settings for brackets
  • Editable template for separate PHP constructors
  • Fluent setters creation are now supported
  • Formatting and constructor improvements

New Debugging Experience

Inline debugger for PHP

Live debugging data now shows directly in the editor. This powerful feature lets you view variable values in the code.

Debugging workflow

Debugging experience has been improved with new features such as editing the php.ini file from settings, enhanced debugger configuration validation, import from deployment action and php servers configuration shared on project level.

Remote Edit

The long-awaited and most frequently asked for feature has arrived. You can now directly edit files stored on the FTP server right in PhpStorm without having to download them to your local project.

Remote tools

PhpStorm 9 introduces support for PHP Code Sniffer and Mess Detector via remote PHP interpreters for virtualised development environments.

Frameworks, Tools, and more

PhpStorm 9 contains more updates and additions to its framework!

  • Support for the latest Behat
  • Enhanced templating engine Twig
  • More options for PHP Code Sniffer
  • Blade templating engine support improved
  • Support for Xdebug 2.3+ profiler
  • Bundled solarized editor scheme

In summary, PhpStorm 9 will be the ultimate code editor for PHP developers. Thanks PhpStorm!

PHP Storm 9 with a rocket launching off