what do you want to do?

Think about what it is you want to do. The more you can tell us the more we’ll be able to help. Don’t see your answer on the list? Give us a call, we can probably help!
  • sell online with shopify

    We are Shopify experts, we have launched many clean professional websites:

    • https://www.ycljewels.com
    • https://www.littletoylane.com.au
    • https://www.flavourasia.com.au

    Our solutions will make you look like a switched-on digital business.

  • get a better wordpress website

    We specialise in affordable quality. We will build you a website that is easy to use, presents your business in a clean professional manner, and will build trust in what you do.

    View our portfolio of quality websites.

  • fix performance on an existing website

    Having issues with an existing website? You can sit down with one of our professional staff to perform an audit of the health of your website and where it is letting you down. We will consider things from information architecture, bounce and conversation rate as well as visual clarity.

    We currently have ongoing monthly engagements with a number of clients to review their website performance (through Google Analytics) and complete A/B testing on performance improvement ideas.

  • get a second opinion

    The digital world is still a developing industry with a lot of ‘full service’ providers that are anything but. We will provide you with our honest appraisal of what we believe your business needs to compete in the digital world.

  • system development and automation

    Whether you want to crunch some data or connect two different systems, we have a qualified team of systems developers who are capable of engineering an optimal solution.

    We have integrated with multiple API’s to create new performance dashboards, through to performing data optimisation and cleaning for consumption by other systems.

    Read more about our systems development.

why should you work with us?

we’re a little different from other web development companies.
  • we have a specialist team

    Burger Digital is made up of a core team of professional developers, designers and project managers.  We don’t have designers who do a little programming or project managers that also develop our solutions: We hire professionals that are experts and specialist in their field.

  • we create value-oriented quality websites

    We produce websites for all! Our prices are at a level that works for small to medium-sized organisations with a budget to keep in mind. But you won’t get second rate website.

  • you can speak directly to your developer

    Get it straight from the horse’s mouth! No need to wait for an account manager to get to your project moving. Our developers will be able to talk to you about your requirements and directly apply them to your digital project.

  • we won’t rip you off

    It’s hard to know what you can get versus what you need. We’ll tell you what you need, not what we think we can sell you. We want to build an ongoing positive relationship with work that creates revenue for your company.

looking for an effective digital solution?

We can help find the ideal solution for you. We'd love to chat with you about your digital needs. Let's grab a burger!