What makes Fireworks Hosting so great? Read 8 Reasons Below:

#1 – Security, Security, Security

Probably the most important part of what we do is something that you’ll never really see or think about. Security. Although you may not ever be aware of it, behind the scenes, our engineers are constantly working proactively to ensure that our servers are secured against current threats.

A good example of this was earlier this year when the Heartbleed, POODLE and FREAK bugs were made public, we took immediate steps to research and lock down these threats. We were then able to offer all of our valued clients an immediate answer when it hit the mainstream media that yes, the server your website is hosted on has been secured already.

Our servers are also subscribed to daily security updates and we run Mod Security, our own firewalls and real time virus scanning to ensure that the main attack vectors are always shut down before they can be exploited. This gives us a huge edge in terms of security performance.

#2 – We don’t oversell our servers

You may have noticed quite a few companies offering “cheap” hosting. Many of those hosting companies may participate in the practice of “overselling”. Overselling is stuffing as many customers on to a single web server as they can get away with.

This usually results in their customers experiencing downtime and a bad user experience in general for their web hosting and email. This can be exacerbated at peak times or when one or more of their subscribers are using much more than their fair share of that server’s allocated resources.

This usually results in their customers experiencing downtime and a bad user experience in general for their web hosting and email. This can be exacerbated at peak times or when one or more of their subscribers are using much more than their fair share of that server’s allocated resources.

At Fireworks Websites, our support team personally look at our servers and balance the hosting to be fair for everyone. We also leave servers well below capacity to allow for future growth of websites, which gives us an overhead for peak times and peak users to use bursts without downtime issues.

#3 – Support Hotline response times

Our support desk is manned from 9:00am to 5:00pm (AEST) every business day. After hours, we always have someone on-call and contactable to ensure that all urgent technical issues are attended to as soon as possible.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy speaking to us and we’re sure you will agree that it beats being on hold to an outsourced helpdesk. At Fireworks, we’re all about personal technical support and 100% of our technical support is provided in-house.

#4 – We’re Local

All of our servers, offices and staff are located in Australia. Other web hosting companies may save a few dollars here and there, making them look more attractive, but it comes at the cost of local employment, the Australian economy and of course, the end user experience.

#5 – Automatic Hosting Account Upgrades

Several mainstream hosting companies will suspend your hosting account if you go over your bandwidth or disk usage quota. Even if it is the weekend and they have nobody around to reinstate your account, forcing you to wait until their support desk comes back online.

If you are on any of our Fireworks Hosting plans, you can rest easy knowing that we will not only alert you automatically when you hit 80% and 90% usage in advance – but if your account does hit the current plan usage limit, our servers will automatically upgrade you to the next plan up without that ugly account suspended page on display to all of your website users.

#6 – We are a One-Stop-Shop

While we’re great at web hosting and support, we are also able to offer domain registrations and management, DNS hosting, Google Apps and Office365 integrations as well as a full complement of in-house web developers and programmers.

#7 – What Backups?

At Fireworks, we keep 14 days of incremental backups of your website. We can even zero in on when the files were last changed and compare them to ensure we’re able to restore the most recent versions of these files and folders.

#8 – We Care

At Fireworks, we genuinely care that you and your staff / users / clients have the best possible experience and it all starts and ends with the Web Hosting and Support which is why we’re committed to A+ service. We’ve seen and heard some true horror hosting stories, by sharing this among our team it allows us to proactively consider the challenges and concerns faced by our clients by putting ourselves in your shoes first.

So if you haven’t already, give us a try to see what everyone’s raving about.

You will enjoy the many benefits that come with Fireworks hosting, including…

  • All hosting plans include 24/7 Monitoring of servers & Daily Backups of emails and websites which are held for 14 days. This is an important inclusion for any business, which usually incurs additional fees with other hosting providers.
  • Support enquiries are resolved super quick! (usually within 10 minutes)
  • Our hosting is located in Australian data centres which comply with data safety and redundancy standards.
  • Our staff are reliable, friendly and experienced in a wide range of website and hosting services. Our staff know you and your business personally.
  • Fireworks provide various hosting plans to suit the size of your website. As your website grows in size your hosting plan is easily scalable to suit your needs.
  • Whilst other providers may cap your usage or charge you over-usage fees, Fireworks do not. Instead your hosting will be upgraded to the next plan to ensure that your website stays online at all times and you are not charged any over-use fees. If you believe your increase in resources is just a temporary spike in usage, we can leave you on the original plan for another month and see how you go.

A bit about Nick, one of our IT Support officers:

“Nick began working in the I.T. Support field in 1999. He got his first PC in 1995 and started out writing programs in Visual Basic which was an early programming language. Since then, he has worked in a number of fields that are heavily involved in a wide range of Technology. This has allowed him to find a strong grounding across several different I.T. Disciplines ranging from Desktop and Server Support across many industries. Web hosting support is one of his strongest skill sets after 13+ years in the field.”

Great hosting support is only a phone call away!